We had intended to start this blog last winter when not much was happening and to be able to document what was new and being added as things progressed.  However our first year workload left no time for blogging and virtually every project took more time than we had budgeted.  That being said most of the major work is complete and now we just have maintenance and minor projects to work on ( although there is plenty enough of that to fill weekends and several evenings per week).  I am not sure how the workload got worse but at this point it seems to have increased.  Last winter we could miss a day and blame it on the snow, but now we rarely get an excuse.  Hopefully the winter of 2010 will afford us some time to record all our findings as our first year progressed.  We hope to average a post a week, but there may be some weeks with none and some with 2.  The best way to stay current is to subscribe to email feature and as they are posted it will go to your inbox.