In my last post I told of my “Perfect Find”, an almost new Atlas Juice-Master.  For experimenting with recipes and blends in small quantities this is the perfect unit for me.  Many of the more healthful “superfruits” fruits and berries are very small in size ranging from ¼” to ¾ “ diameter and don’t lend themselves well to traditional baking like apples.  Also many, while healthy do not have a sweet taste or fresh eating appeal.  Some, like many varieties of seaberry have a rather tart flavor and are best mixed with another juice to provide the needed sugar balance.  Aronia, goumi, goji and sea buckthorn can fall into this group along with the better known blueberry and raspberry.

Juice made from your fresh picked fruit also has the highest level of vitamins, amino acids, phyto-nutrients and bio flavonoids etc. By not exposing to the high heat of cooking you gain the most benefit from them by making into juice. Different fruits will give varying amounts of juice depending on the liquid percent available.  For example sweet grapes will give about 24 oz of juice per pound while that amount of juice will require 7 medium apples or approximately 2- 2.5 lbs. 

This weekend we experimented with raspberries and grapes.  The raspberries are too tart for most peoples taste alone but mixing at a 25%  ratio to 75% sweet grape  juice gives a great flavor combination.  We used fresh store bought grapes and frozen raspberries from the farm we had picked this fall. Any extra can be frozen for use at a later time.  As we experiment with more flavor combinations we will post here to let you know what works.