I have never seen a rabbit girdle an apple tree like this in the summertime.  Usually it is done in the dead of winter when they are starving and snowfall has covered all the food supply.  The continuing drought is taking its toll on the local vegetation so I can understand and see that there is absolutely nothing at all for them to eat.  Our little farm must look like all-you-can-eat night at Golden Corral to the local herbivorous fauna.  Now, the old me would have probably solved this situation by camping out with the .22 and dispensing some East Mountain Justice to any lagomorph that stuck his wascally wittle ears up.  But the new rehabilitated and reformed, organic, green permaculturist that I am, understands that we should always plant a little more for the wildlife and that this is part of the Balance of Nature.  We try to attract a varied population of organisms and each has its place. And with some bark sealer maybe we can save this tree.  

 Still…….. I don’t think I will shed any tears when Mr. Coyote completes that whole “Circle of Life” thing.