Many of my readers complained that they were having trouble visualizing the 7 Layers of a food forest.   This is not set in stone and it is not an exact science, it is just a way of categorizing a plant by size and some by function. 

 I am adding this picture from the net as a representation of the 7 layers. Differences in geography and climate will dictate what works best in a given situation and which plants can be used. A “Food Forest” can be as small as a single tree which is underplanted, known as a guild.


This picture is a better Artist conception

 Planning is key since the “Forest” will be with you a long time.  Drawing it out on paper first is probably the best bet.  However many things look good on paper that don’t work in real life, also a drawing is usually like a floorplan and 2 dimensional.  You will have to visualize your forest in 3 dimensions.  The trees will have different shapes, columnar, pyramidial, vase, round depending on the species and space must be adjusted accordingly.  This is, of course, just a plan. If I’ve learned anything, it’s that you can’t control nature and all plans are merely evolutions of a design in progress.