Earlier in the spring we had a post that covered a little on grafting.  This past March Matt and Ashley grafted 25 apple trees using a EMLA 7 rootstock.  They started with both the saddle graft and the whip and tongue styles.  Soon it became apparent that the whip and tongue was easier and more comfortable to work with. When doing the winter pruning we saved scion wood from some of our less common, unpatented apple trees.  Below are pictures of some of their successes now 90 days later.  Considering this was their first attempt and with no formal training, I believe their results were exceptional.  They have 18 good grafts out of 25 for or 72 percent success rate. We were unable to find any correlation between variety and success rate.  Hopefully next year these will be ready to sell and expand our inventory selection.  The varieties are Cox Orange Pippin, Liberty, Grimes Golden Delicious, Gibsons Golden and Empire.

  Here is a picture I took in early June, 3 months later to show how the little trees look. The green is a sealer so the graft union doesn’t dry out