Today is the first day of fall.  A slight chill was in the air this morning and that means its time to …….?

a)  Prune trees

b) Harvest crops

c) Fertilize

d) Start working on the Spring 2012 Catalog

If you picked “d” you would be correct.  We are in the process of laying out the Spring 2012 catalog to showcase the varieties we will have available next year.  I certainly am not a desktop publisher so it is a slow and tedious process, but a rewarding and exciting one none the less.  We will have 16 new and additional apple varieties, 4 varieties of sweet cherries, many european and asian pears along with lots of  other new plants.  I don’t want to give it all away now since you need something to read on those cold and  snowy days this winter!!  If you want to receive copy via email when it is ready just click this link , put catalog in the subject line and hit send.