The jujube is considered rare (or at least very uncommon) in cultivation in the United States. It’s production can be measured in trees instead of acres, so its not surprising that there is a lack of knowledge and confusion about this fruit crop.  Add to that the cultural, diplomatic and language barriers with China and it is understandable that this fruit has not taken off with American growers or consumers.  This is an unfortunate situation because this fruit crop is extremely well suited to growing New Mexico. For small growers and producers of value added products such as specialty jams, sauces, pastries etc. this could provide the edge they need to be profitable.  When you include our growing asian population that has an existing demand, it makes for a bright future for the grower who is an innovator and gets in early. 

We currently are growing  11 cultivars Li, Lang, Shuimen, Shihong, Sugarcane,  Honeyjar, Redlands#4, GA866,Chico, Norris and Sherwood.  Based on our research and taste testing at Alcalde we will probably add the varieties  Tsao, Lin, Yu, Ant Admire, Don Polenski and Shanxi Li.  This will be our “mother” orchard block where we will develop scionwood for grafting new trees. From these we expect to have a continual supply and to also be able to possibly try crossing some of the best ones. We are very happy with the ones we currently raise and were impressed by Don Polenski and Shanxi Li at the tasting in Alcalde.  The others are the best varieties from hobbyists around the country.