Even though this is turning out to be a mild winter I am ready for spring.  I think we will have an early spring and can’t wait to see things growing.  However the best news is the new Spring 2012 catalog is finally finished!  While in the scope of things this isn’t a big deal to most people, somehow I feel like Steve Martin in The Jerk, when the new phonebook comes out. 

 After making tons of mistakes, using unfamiliar and probably wrong software for the task, maybe I am just glad it is done.  Desk top publishing seems easy until you try it and find your own lack of skills.

Thanks to Pat Maas and Ashley Koger for proofing and catching the most glaring errors in what I thought was a finished masterpiece.  I have now made those corrections and will be sending it out to you as a pdf file in the next few days.  If for some reason you don’t get one or are unable to open a pdf email at NMFruitGrowers@aol.com and we will send another appropriate one.

We are excited to be able to offer many more varieties than last year and several are in larger sizes.  If you have any questions on these or any comments at all  email or post as a comment here and we will get you an answer.

As you know, we do not force our stock early or start theBio-Grown Planting Stockm in a greenhouse.  We let Mother Nature take her course  and they start growing outdoor when the time is best for this area.  This means that early in the season some plants like raspberries and blackberries will seem small.  Rest assured the roots they need are buried and ready to push the plant quickly as soon as the temperature allows.