I admit it, I have killed trees.  Some I have murdered outright, others I have tortured like a horticultural Jack Bauer In case you think I have something against trees, let me assure I don’t.  I practice equal opportunity “agricide” having done in everything from strawberries to bushes, shrubs and even a few vines for good measure.  Mind you I didn’t intend for it to be this way, it just happened.  But in every case I have learned something, either what to do or maybe more importantly what not to do. This is how we learn real life gardening instead of the theories in some book.  With every loss our knowledge expands and we can share that knowledge to help prevent other unnecessary plant deaths.

 It has often been said that we learn more from our mistakes than our successes, but successful results, especially in the East Mountains are important to know also.  You, our readers have a vast amount of knowledge that you can share to help us all be better and more productive gardeners. So step up.  Don’t be a lurker.  Help others in need!  Post your successes here as well as your horror stories under “comments”.  If you prefer, post on our facebook page on this article.  If you are afraid of reprisal or your neighbors finding out just send an email to NMFruitGrowers@aol.com  and I will assure that you and your story remain anonymous.  And don’t worry we won’t turn you in to the Plant Police.