Mission Statement:  To develop and promote varieties of standard and uncommon fruits adaptable to propagation in New Mexico for the purpose of providing diversity and season extension for small growers.

New Mexico Fruit Growers at Road’s End Farm is a USDA certified Organic Farm located between Moriarty and Edgewood close to I-40 in Central New Mexico. We have started this farm with 5 acres of which 2.5 acres is now in some stage of production.  Our main goal is to introduce  and educate  growers to uncommon fruit crops that are able to be productive (income producing) in our climate. We also are trialing many cultivars of common fruits such as Apples , Pears, Peaches, Raspberry, Strawberries and Melons to determine the best varieties to grow in our area.

Phone 505-281-1013

email NMFruitGrowers@aol.com


One Response to “About”

  1. Peggy Loyd Says:

    We are learning about gardening in Catron County and need information on growing fruit. We have (not up yet) a 26 x 48 green house for vegies and wonder about growing fruit in it also.

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